Children's Therapy Services

All therapy services are provided by state licensed and certified therapists and begin with a comprehensive evaluation and a plan of care.  Recommendations are made regarding services and interventions and a proposed schedule of visits is discussed.

Occupational Therapy

Depending on the reason for referral, areas of evaluation by the occupational therapist may include fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual and visual-motor coordination skills including handwriting, motor planning, problem-solving and organization, attention and behavior, sensory processing skills, feeding and healthful eating, life skills and pre-vocational/vocational skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

child therapists

Speech pathologists may assess a variety of areas including receptive and expressive language skills, oral motor skills, swallowing and feeding, articulation, voice, stuttering, social skills, reciprocal language, play skills, conversation skills and public speaking.

Therapeutic Massage

speech therapy

Massage therapy services are provided for the young child to enhance sensory processing skills, acceptance of touch and relationship building with the caregiver.  Massage services are provided in individual and caregiver-child formats.